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This thing, what is it? Other than February's Kickstarter, that is?

Eleven of my most popular tales from chapbooks and anthologies, gathered in one convenient collection with a magnificent cover ( You'll find:

:flan_blender: Face Less - a 1970s tween versus Strange Aeons, the troubled family he loves. Plus: D&D! Skunk cabbage! A sixty-ton press that can solve all of Dad's problems!

:flan_yikes: Winner Breaks All -- a man trapped behind a brain implant steals a chance at freedom.

:flan_molotov: Drag Air Through Fire - His wife isn't dead, he just hasn't saved her yet. The risk of unraveling the entire universe in doing so is acceptable.

:ratstand: Whisker Line - War comes to the kind people of New York, and only Alek can protect them. Contains Sufficient Rat.

:flan_greybeard: You'll Figure It Out - the wonder of teaching the young through helping the old, but sometimes youth understands what the old cannot learn. New for this collection!

:flan_zombie: Lavender - the US' Second Civil War, unholy bargains, and love of family.

:flan_dalf: Keeping Friends - Knowing the future chops off choices, if you want people to love you.

:flan_set_fire: Burned Out Souls - Stabbing for love! A LOT of stabbing for love. The Stabbity Joe origin story.

:flan_reaper: Shattered Canvas - art, superstition, and what it costs to love friends.

:flan_nom: Plus "Final Gift" - a little old lady orc trying to give her husband final respects, by eating him. It also appeared in "Prohibition Orcs" so I thought about leaving it out, but my editorial oversight committee told me I was an idiot and it had to be included so here it is because I'm attached to my kneecaps.

Eleven stories. All different types of love. Hunting down these tales individually would cost you ten times as much, if you could find them.

Follow the campaign to get alerts when it opens.

Or wait for it to hit bookstores. Whatever.

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My 2018-2021 things in print. 8 nonfiction books, 3 novels, 8 short stories, 14 anthologies. Plus a collection of my footnotes for 1 April 2021.

Oh, and: the Networknomicon, of course. :flan_yikes:

[image description: books. so many books. I need a hobby. :flan_book::flan_book::flan_book: :flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book:​​ ]

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I write books to pay the bills. No consulting, no leeching off family members, no paid teaching or speaking: only writing books.

How do I pull it off?

1) Understand cashflow -

2) Treating it as a business -

More on publishing, writing, etc at my FAQ -

The big secret: MAKE MOAR WORDS! :flan_writing::flan_writing::flan_writing:​ 50 books out as of 2022, shooting for 100 by 2032.

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"Forever Falls," the first Aidan Redding novel, is now free everywhere. (Unless Amazon has screwed it up again, in which case, please let me know and grab it elsewhere, sorry.) It's free! It's short! What more can you ask for in a book?

"There’s no grounds for murder. There’s no ground at all.

The people exploring and exploiting alien universes risk everything, including their lives. But Devin Gupper’s death makes no sense. And the more questions security officer Aidan Redding asks, the less rational it seems.

But in a bottomless universe full of impossibilities, one impossible murder begins everything…"

Apple Books:
Google Play:

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The elves went into the West? Clearly they emigrated to America.

Eventually, orcs followed.

Detroit, 1927. Orcs fight Prohibition, avoid police, and labor hard for their children. All while doing their best to navigate the narrow human world. Men drive fancy Dodges and Cadillacs; orcs squeeze into fourth-hand Model Ts. Dwarves dominate the skilled trades; orcs push brooms. And behind everything, elves make it their life’s work to deny orcs have worth.

To be an orc is to endure, but when the world tries to deny even that, an orc must act.

And Uruk-Tai will do anything for his family.

"Prohibition Orcs" and "Frozen Talons" -- available everywhere. With magnificent covers.

Grab them at my e-bookstore ( and get the exclusive cookbook "To Serve Orc: Enduring Recipes from the Old Country, Watered Down For America."

Or Amazon:

Or check my web site for a bunch of other stores:

As a geneticist, I was having a conversation with a friend in the supermarket yesterday. How they only buy natural foods. I laughed because they had 3 pink grapefruits in their basket. I told them that the only reason that grapefruit is pink is because of mutagenesis. As a child most grapefruit were almost clear. However exposing the seed to high levels of nuclear radiation scrambled its DNA. At some point one of those seeds produced a sweet pink grapefruit.

They were horrified 😆😁😄😃😀

health, work, frustration 

I am psyched to write these books, but repeated medical crap keeps me away from them.

Steroids make me stoned.

Dental work means norco.

I just want to tell my silly little stories, about mail servers and murder.

The are times when we should stand by our words. And then the are times when our words are brain farts, and the best course action is to open a window, clear the room, and stop eating brain cabbage.

Writer's block implies writer's parry and writer's dodge

Yesterday I came back from #FOSDEM in Brussels. It is a conference with 35 simultaneous tracks all streamed live, so seeing NOC and video center and how it operates was insane. I met so many dear people and I've seen so much good content.

My lecture about Reggae, DevOps tool for #FreeBSD I developed, was received so much better than I expected! I got tons of great feedback and recommendations. So many people are using #Mastodon as their main social network so I have quite a few new follows. Videos are still not online, but give it few days.

No one actually wants to enable browser notifications for your company blog, I promise

Oh. The real reason for the crackdown on work-from-home is that forcing workers to live in commuting distance of an office cuts down on labor mobility and lowers wages.

I have no idea why it took me so long to understand this.

Prohibition Orcs looks awesome! I'm definitely going to pick it up.

The idea of Orc gangs fighting prohibition could be a perfect inspiration for my next DnD campaign!

In other news, the Fantasy Steampunk bundle is going strong. Includes my first Prohibition Orcs book, plus nine other steamy punky fantasy tomes. Get them all for as little as $20.

The "get off that box" arms race continues in our household... 🤣
#RatsOfMastodon #PetRats

Statistically speaking, the #FOSDEM infections should start appearing in larger numbers tomorrow.
Already know of two cases, and there will be many more.

If you attended #FOSDEM and feel ill, please get away from people, put a mask on, and get tested ASAP. And get well soon.

Leaving a "This wasn't for me" review is like striding to within 6 inches of a stranger's face, telling them, "I don't like kale," and then walking away. Nothing is given, nothing is gained. Silence is preferable.

Sketches of the leather case art!

It's gonna be very stabby, and extraordinarily ratty.

Or, just grab the regular version. Because that cover is also pretty damn sweet.

health, all is okay but gross 

triple apicoectomy today, because root canals are inadequate. :flan_yikes:

The word "burst" was involved. :flan_nooo:

But I have norco.

Thanks to everyone who's backed the Kickstarter for my new book!

Eleven stories in one volume. Includes stabby romance and Sufficient Rat. Thanks to y'all, it has a foreword from the inimitable ZZ Claybourne!

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