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My 2018-2021 things in print. 8 nonfiction books, 3 novels, 8 short stories, 14 anthologies. Plus a collection of my footnotes for 1 April 2021.

Oh, and: the Networknomicon, of course. :flan_yikes:

[image description: books. so many books. I need a hobby. :flan_book::flan_book::flan_book: :flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book::flan_book:​​ ]

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I write books to pay the bills. No consulting, no leeching off family members, no paid teaching or speaking: only writing books.

How do I pull it off?

1) Understand cashflow -

2) Treating it as a business -

More on publishing, writing, etc at my FAQ -

The big secret: MAKE MOAR WORDS! :flan_writing::flan_writing::flan_writing:​ 50 books out as of 2022, shooting for 100 by 2032.

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"Forever Falls," the first Aidan Redding novel, is now free everywhere. (Unless Amazon has screwed it up again, in which case, please let me know and grab it elsewhere, sorry.) It's free! It's short! What more can you ask for in a book?

"There’s no grounds for murder. There’s no ground at all.

The people exploring and exploiting alien universes risk everything, including their lives. But Devin Gupper’s death makes no sense. And the more questions security officer Aidan Redding asks, the less rational it seems.

But in a bottomless universe full of impossibilities, one impossible murder begins everything…"

Apple Books:
Google Play:

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The elves went into the West? Clearly they emigrated to America.

Eventually, orcs followed.

Detroit, 1927. Orcs fight Prohibition, avoid police, and labor hard for their children. All while doing their best to navigate the narrow human world. Men drive fancy Dodges and Cadillacs; orcs squeeze into fourth-hand Model Ts. Dwarves dominate the skilled trades; orcs push brooms. And behind everything, elves make it their life’s work to deny orcs have worth.

To be an orc is to endure, but when the world tries to deny even that, an orc must act.

And Uruk-Tai will do anything for his family.

"Prohibition Orcs" and "Frozen Talons" -- available everywhere. With magnificent covers.

Grab them at my e-bookstore ( and get the exclusive cookbook "To Serve Orc: Enduring Recipes from the Old Country, Watered Down For America."

Or Amazon:

Or check my web site for a bunch of other stores:

Just saw a post on my timeline where someone was asking people to stop posting political content on Mastodon. Thus, I will leave a reminder:

1. Politics = us making decisions about how we live in groups.

2. Refusing to engage in political discourse is equivalent to endorsing the status quo.

3. Staying out of politics because you believe it has no effect on you is a privilege. it also means you decided to forsake people in a situation less privileged than you.

If you're not following @zzclaybourne, why are you even breathing?

my kid just called fog “ghost water” and now that's its new name

us politics, trump espionage act investigation 

“The three-judge 11th Circuit panel said Cannon lacked the authority to grant Trump's request…It also overturned Cannon's decision to bar investigators from accessing most of the records pending the review and threw out Trump's suit.”

I think it's important to realize while Musk is setting fire to bird site and anything that remained of his reputation, the companies and people who work there are not HIM. #Tesla and #SpaceX in particular have done Good Things, and many talented and sincere people work there and are just trying to go on in spite of everything. It he destroys that good with his antics, that will be tragic.

My mailing lists now offer free ebooks. Just like real authors do!

I'm certain Colin will grump about me giving away a Tarsnap book, but he'll just have to suck it up.

So, a horse walks into a bar and orders a pint. The barkeep says, "You're in here pretty often lately. Do you think you might be an alcoholic?" The horse replies, "I don't think I am," and then vanishes from existence. You see, the joke is really about Descartes' famous quote, "I think; therefore, I am." but if I had explained this before the joke, I would've been putting Descartes before the horse.
I'll show myself out now.

Those of you who read my blog know how rarely I give five stars, but this book earned its rating. THE SECRETS OF CHARACTER by Matt Bird has everything you need to create heroes and heroines that readers will love.

Monthly accounting: done!

I loathe doing the accounting every month. It blows half a day, every time, and leaves me exhausted.

If I put it off, though, soon a whole year has passed and I'm desperately scrounging for receipts and screaming for an entire week.

I could push on today, but I've been making too many mistakes this last couple weeks. Listening to the skull-pudding and calling it quits for today.

I have sloughed off the millenia
and spiffed up my website. Please visit it and be appropriately awed.

Doing November accounting.

IngramSpark did not send me invoices for the dozens of paperback Kickstarter rewards, so I have to wade through their "interface" and collect them. :flan_rage:

Okay, that's the Kickstarter mostly done. Except for the video, which the Muse has not yet graced me with.

Still wondering how well this will work without :birdsite: promo, but not much I can do about that. :flan_shrug: Will the greater "engagement" of the fediverse spread it enough? Who knows, but we're gonna find out!

Every book is different, promo always changes, we'll see what happens.

on the super-rich 

Still cannot understand how people could even remotely think that the super-rich would do anything even remotely for the good of "the people".

Allow me a couple of anecdotes.

I help a small independent English children's bookshop in Geneva which stocks over 10'000 titles and has prices which are often lower than Amazon's¹ plus you get a chance to actually look at the books first which, with children, is often a good idea.

Geneva is not known for being a poor area of the world, indeed it is packed with diplomats and associated staff enjoying tax-free salaries plus several large companies enjoying their reduced company tax. These are all people with serious amounts of disposable income.

What these people do is that they come to visit the bookshop, look and select the books, take pictures of the ISBN and then hunt for them online.

Not only, if you ask them where they shop even though they have more than enough money to shop in Swiss supermarkets they will always go across the border into France to buy anything and everything at discount stores.

And yet they drive ridiculous Porsche SUVs² which they change every year.

Bottom line is that the rich, and even more so the ultra-rich, don't remain rich by actually paying people doing real work to survive nor by actually spending the money they have (i.e. "trickle down economics" is absolute rubbish).

Just stop worshipping them, even if they started Tesla or SpaceX or Amazon. They are doing it to line their own wallets in gold not to benefit anyone else and have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

¹ if you think that Amazon is still the cheapest way to get books as it was back in the '90s then think again: they have optimised their loss-leader strategy and, while the first book might be cheap, you can be assured that the others in a multi-book order are not.
² they are ridiculous because in a European city they are far too large, because they look like overweight Porsche cars and because nobody needs a SUV with outrageous horsepower.

I hate to have to write this, but this needs to be a PSA: #NaNoWriMo is promoting a scam in their "Winner Goodies."

Do NOT sign up for Inkitt.

Go ahead and search "Inkitt scam" for at least a dozen reasons why.

They are predatory, they will take your first-pub rights, and they will profit off of you while giving you less exposure than you would get posting your whole damn book on your own social media.


dentist, +/- 

My jaw has shifted, two of my crowns now have a gap between them, and the space beneath one of my innumerable root canals has a fistula.

Talked with the hygienist about my habits. I brush my teeth after every meal at home--and they're all at home these days. Use my waterpick. Floss like I'm making space to crunch a second helping of plutocrat bones between my teeth.

Also said how when my dad was my age, he was--no, when my dad was my age he'd been dead for four years. But before he died, he had full upper and lower dentures.

Dentist swooped in, had some harsh words about the importance of brushing the gums and flossing and all that. As always.

When he left, the hygienist leaned in and quietly said, "Sometimes it's genetic. You can do everything right and still have trouble."

Someone else out there probably needs to hear this.

Do I blame the dentist? tbf, a whole bunch of folks lie to their dentist, and he's not working with many tools here. But I needed to hear that it's not 100% because I'm lazy.

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